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Planetary Images

Mars 2014 just after opposition in April. Taken through Skymax 180 Pro with IMGOH camera. My first planetary image for a few years this one.

Jupiter 7th April 2004. Taken through Orion Apex 127 with Toucam webcam, approx 300 frames stacked in Registax.

Saturn September 2006, Celestron C11 SCT at prime focus. 800 frames stacked.

Saturn April 2005. Celestron C11 at F30. Stack of 300 ex 900 frames. Poor seeing.

Saturn 7th December 2003. Taken through Orion Apex 127 with Toucam webcam, approx 200 frames stacked in Registax.

Saturn April 2008. C11 approx 1500 frames, Compare this view with the previous images to see just how far the rings have closed up as see the planet from earth.

Mars imaged 14th August 2005 02:30 hours. Showing the Solis Lacus & Thalis regions. C11 @ f20.

Mars imaged 1st October 2005 2300 hours. The Solis Lacus region is the round area in the middle. C11 @ f20

Mars 19th October 2005. Syrtis Major is the dominant dark feature in the middle. Orion Apex 127 @ f28.

Mars, 20th November 2005. As close as I could get to the opposition of 2005. C11 at f28.

Venus appirition 2004. All images with Toucam through Orion Apex 127 at f32. The sequence clearly shows the change in apparent size of the planet as Venus gets closer to the sun for the June transit.

Transit of Venus June 2004. Continuing from the above appirition image, the planet is now in front of the sun. Captured using a Fuji Finepix fixed focus digital camera held up to the eyepiece of a Startravel 70 refractor fitted with solar filter film

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