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Planetary Nebulae Images

Messier 27 "The Dumbell Nebula" in Vulpecula. A favourite bright object with me this one. Taken with Canon 1000d through the Meade 127 Triplet August 2009. Approx 1 hour at ISO800

Heres the Dumbell again but in a slightly different light. 4 hours in Ha light from 2011 and 2 hours of Oiii light taken in July 2012. Taken through the Meade 127EDT with Atik 314L camera and Astronomik filters. Processed as RGB with false green channel developed with Noels actions.

Messier 1 " The Crab Nebula" in Taurus. 4th and 6th of December 2008. Taken through a Celestron C11 SCT at F6.3, 2 hours of ISO800 subs using the Canon 300d

December 8th 2010. Here's Messier 1 the Crab again but this time in 6nm Hydrogen Alpha light through the Meade 127 ED Triplet at F7 using the Atik 314L camera. This is a 2 hour stack made up of various length sub exposures and it shows the filaments really well

Messier 57 "The Ring Nebula" in Lyra. 28th May 2005 Approx 30 minutes of ISO800 subs with the Canon 300d through the C11 SCT.

Part of the Veil complex of nebula in Cygnus. 10 minutes of ISO800 with the Canon 300d through the C11 SCT @ f6.3 2006.

Messier 97 "The Owl Nebula" in Ursa Major March 2010 Approx 2 hours of ISO1600 subs with the Canon 1000d through the Meade 127ED

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