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Open Cluster Images

The Double Cluster in Perseus 13th November 2007. Taken with Canon 300d and ZS80 FD. 21 minutes at ISO800.

Messier 38 and the smaller cluster NGC1907 in the constellation of Auriga.Taken with Canon 1000d and OTB 102ED scope 30 minutes at ISO800.

The Owl or Butterfly Cluster IC457. Sometimes referred to as the "ET cluster", can you make ET out? December 2007 ZS80 FD and Canon 300d

Messier 45, The Plieades in the constellation of Taurus showing some of teh nebulosity that surrounds the cluster. Taken over 2 nights, 18th & 19th November 2006 with ZS80 FD using Canon 300d 60 minutes at ISO1600

Messier 35 & NGC2158, These pair lie in the constellation of Gemini. The larger cluster M35 is made up of young stars compared to the smaller (further away) cluster NGC2158. Taken through the Meade 127 ED using Canon 1000d approx 35 minutes at iso800.20th December 2009

Messier 37 in Auriga, One of the 3 open cluster in Auroga, A nicely populated and colourful cluster in my opinion.Again taken through teh Meade 127 using the 1000d . Approx 35 minutes at ISO800. Taken on 20th December 2009.

Messier 67 in Cancer, March 2010 canon 1000d Meade 127ED

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