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Lunar Images

Crescent Moon

1st quarter Moon 29th December 2003 taken with Orion Apex 127 + Toucam at fp. This is a mosaic of 5 images each image consistsing of 3 frames stacked and processed.

Copernicus region February 2014, taken through Skymax 180 pro with IMGOH camera.

Another image from the Skymax and IMGOH, Clavius November the 2nd 2014

1st quater moon May 2010 taken through the Skylight F15 Telescope using Canon 1000D. The contrast that was visible through this scope on this night was very memorable, I hope this image has done it justice.

Theophilus Region, 2nd June 2006. ZS80 FD + 2x Barlow + Toucam

Mare Vaporum with Rima Huygenis, C11 @ F10 + Toucam. Mosaic of 5 images 13th April 2008

Winter Moon 11th January 2006. ZS80 FD + 300d at fp, 1/320th second

Tycho, Clavius region, 2nd February 2012 using Atik 314l through the Fullerscopes 4" F15 refractor.

Total Lunar Eclipse of 3rd March 2007. Sequence and mid eclipse images. ZS80 FD + Canon 300d at f5.5. Use your browser scroll bar to view the complete sequence, its big.

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