Here are a few useful web sites:

Kev Wildoose web page. Kev specialises in Astro Imaging with his 12" Newtonian. Back in the late 70s we built an Observatory in his back garden together.

Astronomy and Astro photography
The Quick Cam and Unconventional astronomy Group. Group set up for imaging using web cams etc. Very useful site for details on web cam photography and modified web cams.
Group set up for all aspects of amateur astronomy. Very informative and friendly forum.
The local East Midlands section of stargazers lounge. We are a friendly and sociable bunch, come and join us.
A really useful little programme that provides a focusing aid for the Canon and also automates the whole exposure taking process.


Skylight Telescopes
Skylight Telescopes specialise in classic and antique scopes. Also check out Richards new Skylight F15 Refractor, I road tested this scope back in May 2010, and what a scope it is, see my feedback on the Skylight F15 web site
Suppliers of astro imaging cameras and equipment. If you want something just ask Bernard, if he can't get it then it don't exist.
Suppliers of astro imaging cameras and equipment.Fast friendly service from Ian every time.
Antique and Vintage Collectables, amongst many interesting things Jaycollectables also sell antique and vintage scientific equipment including some interesting telescopes from time to time. Worth, keeping an eye on

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