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Galaxy Images

Messier 31, The Andromeda Galaxy. Approx 3.5 hours exposure with a mix of ISO800 and 1600 subs through 102ED with WOMk2 flattener/reducer and Canon 1000D September 2009.

Messier 82 in Ursa Major. CGE1100XLT @ f6.3, 20 off 3 minute subs at ISO800, guided.

Messier 81 in Ursa Major. WO FLT98 @ f7, 2 hours with Atik 314 OSC, guided.

Messier 51 The Whirlpool Galaxy in Canes Venatici in wide field. OTB 102ED on HEQ5 guided, Canon 1000D and field flattener. 2 hours of 4 minute subs at ISO800.

Here's a closer view of Messier 51 through the C11 at f6.3.Canon 300D appox 2 hours, 9th March 2008 , 2 hours of 4 minute subs at ISO800.

The end of the chain of galaxies in Virgo called the Majarian Chain. M84 and M86 are the larger galaxies forming the eyes. 26th April 2009. OTB 102ED with 0.8 flattener/reducer. Canon 1000d 2 hours of 5 minute subs at ISO800.

Messier 101 in Ursa Major 20th April 2009 through the OTB 102ED using 0.8 reducer / flattener and the Canon 1000D. ,90 minutes at ISO800.

Messier 106 and friends 24th May 2009 OTB 102ED using 0.8 reducer / flattener and the Canon 1000D. ,2 hours at ISO800.

Messier 81 and m82 in Ursa Major 19th November 2006. ZS80 FD Canon 300D. 30 minutes at ISO800

Messier 33 The Pinwheel Galaxy in Triangulum 7th October 2013. WO FLT98 with Atik 314L+ OSC. ,4.2 hours. Taken at Kelling Heath Star Party Autumn 2013.

OK so those are all the posh colour photos, heres some examples of what the Mintron 12V6 camera can do at 128x integration when fitted to a C11. One of my favourite pass times on a spring clear night is galaxy bagging with this camera.

The Blackeye Galaxy

Messier 66

Messier 106


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